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Welcome to The Fire Mountain School

Welcome to The Fire Mountain School. A unique martial arts school. 

This is the world's first and only martial arts school designed to address our need for a system and a plan for managing all forms of conflict. 

We address:
The need for managing mental conflict and mental self defense as well the need for physical resilience and power
The need to see (make visible) the patterns of all conflict so that you can learn to choose how to respond
Our need as civilians to be safe without resorting to violence 
The need to manage conflict, pain, suffering, and stress without becoming mentally ill and physically depleted

At The Fire Mountain School, we train to harness the power of conflict and channel it to improve the quality of not only our life but the lives of those we love.  We study the patterns of conflict so that we can access sane choices.
It is time for an an upgrade in how people fight, deal with suffering, care for one another, and deal with the preponderance of unsafe, greedy, and mean people in the world.  

Call us, visit our Facebook page or come visit our location at 53 Hudson Avenue, Nyack, NY.

If you find you are curious, we invite you to fill out the form on the right and begin exploring for yourself the integrity of Conscious Fighting and the power of our family's Martial Arts. If your are looking for something new and different, you have found it.

Sifu Ed Durso